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Gilbert Kingsley

Governing Elder, Chairman

Gilbert Kingsley, along with his wife, Chris, were longtime leaders of Northlands marriage preparation class. More than 1,800 couples have gone through this class since it began in 1996. Chris and Gilbert are on the staff of Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ. He leads a team of specialists who plant and grow new ministries on high school and college campuses. They recruit, qualify, resource and coach volunteers and students in those new ministries. Gilbert is seen as one of Crus experts in launching and building ministries and using distance ministry approaches. Chris and Gilbert have three boys. Their oldest, Rick, is married to Christina. Rick and Christina are the proud parents of a girl and two boys. They also work with Cru at Florida State University. Middle son, Will, is married to Jessica, and they live in Franklin, Tenn. Youngest son, Tom is in the Peace Corps teaching english as a second language in Kosovo.