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Bradley Nolff

Communications Manager

Bradley was born here in Orlando, Florida, to a family who emphasized strong Christian values from a young age. As a result, Northland holds a very special place in Bradley's heart, as he has literally spent his entire life here (he and his family began attending when Bradley was just two years old). At the age of ten, Bradley began volunteering on our Tech Team at Northland and eventually ended up on staff as a technician for our weekend worship services.

During Bradley's time working at Northland - 2009 to present - he has worked in numerous roles doing behind-the-scenes technical work with lighting, audio, video and production managing, leading/assembling volunteer teams, as well as integrating social media and other communication efforts. While it is easy to say one has strong communication skills, Bradley's follow through and dedication to excellence take his gifts to the next level. When Bradley is on a project, everyone knows that both the details and the people will be taken care of. His ability to create, design and implement both social media and communication strategies make him an invaluable asset to both Northland and the Church of the future (aka. The Distributed Church).

While working at Northland, Bradley attended the University of Central Florida where he completed his bachelor's in communication. Through Bradley's gifts of mercy, service, planning and attention to detail, he is an others-oriented individual who continually looks for ways to use his skills to help others achieve their goals.

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