Young Marrieds

Troy Renfrow


Being young and married is a beautiful thing, a time full of adventure, discovery and excitement. Too often, this stage of our life is also full of startling discoveries, tension, misunderstandings, and new stresses which leave us slightly bewildered.

"Who is this person I vowed to love for richer or for poor?" "He doesn't understand me at all!" "I don't understand her at all!" "Sometimes I think you like your friends more than me!" "I saw how you looked at her!" "They announced layoffs today at work and I don't know if I will be affected." "We're having a baby! Oh crap! We're having a baby!"

God's Word is living and breathing and right on point. You won't be lectured in this group; but instead will be asked to wrestle with Scripture and it's place in the way you think. We will grow together as we think and discuss, we will disagree now and then, we will laugh, we will support and encourage one another, and we may even shed a tear from time to time.

Then, we will go back to the reality of our lives, the tensions, the pulls and tugs; but hopefully, will bring more glory to God today than we did yesterday.



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Troy Renfrow